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Obesity has become a slowly growing national health crisis in the USA and many other developed nations. The statistics are alarming, but luckily there are treatments being developed to treat the causes and symptoms of this disease, learn more at www.leanbodylook.com/what-to-know-before-using-phentermine-as-a-weight-loss-medication/. You can find drugs like Belviq online pharmacy, where it has been available since 2012.

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According to the National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • 35.7 percent of American adults are considered obese
  • 6.3 percent of American adults have extreme obesity
  • 74 percent of American Men are considered overweight or obese
  • 68.8 percent of all Men and Women are considered overweight or obese
So while it may feel lonely and isolating to be suffering from obesity, especially with the American culture's obsession with skinny hot supermodels, people suffering from obesity are far from alone. Belviq online pharmacy shopping is one solution you can use if you are finding yourself in the higher percentiles of obesity and want to change that.

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Buying Belviq online pharmacy is the first step to taking control of your weight. Belviq 10mg tablets can be purchased with or without a prescription, but it works best when done as part of an overall weight loss strategy coordinated by your doctor. Belviq (Lorcaserin) reduces a patient’s appetite by suppressing the serotonin receptors of the brain, letting the patient feel full for longer periods of time and not having the same desire to eat as much food. While taking Belviq, you can increase its effectiveness by following a few basic steps.
  • Talking to your doctor about a balanced diet
  • Maintaining healthy and safe levels of exercise on a regular basis
  • Avoiding bad habits

Benefits of Belviq by the Numbers

Clinical trials have shown that Belviq helps people whose BMI is above thirty and pre-obese levels. Pre-obese levels are between 27 and 29. The FDA has approved it for people who meet those needs and you can often find Belviq online pharmacy with or without your doctor’s prescription. In the clinical trials, patients found many positive results of using Belviq along with exercise and dieting.
  • During the clinical study, over 47 percent of the study's patients lost at least 5 percent of their body weight within twelve months of starting Belviq
  • Also during the clinical trials, 22 percent of Belviq patients reduced their body mass by 10 percent or more when they used Belviq for greater than a year
  • Most patients who took Belviq continued to maintain healthier weight levels even after they stopped treatment
The recommended treatment time for Belviq is two years, and so far there have not been any clinical trials studying it for longer than two years. It is also safer for overweight patients with cardiovascular conditions than other drugs, such as Phentermine, because it does not cause any cardiovascular side effects. Doctors often prescribe Belviq to patients with heart conditions to help them lose weight.

Easy Home Delivery with Online Shopping

Sometimes Belviq is not available in your local brick and mortar pharmacy, or it is difficult to get there on a regular basis. Belviq online pharmacy is a great way to still be able to take the medication and continue your path to better health. With Belviq online pharmacy, you can order it based on a doctor’s prescription or order it as an over the counter diet pill without any prescription needed. Despite that, it is still recommended that you speak to your doctor, as they can further advise you on how to benefit the most from the weight loss pill.

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